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amberie wrote:A new server which is good for the most part, but there are some issues. The classes are currently being balanced and as of now there isn't a great balance. There is a new police, who referred to himself as an a**h*le, and used the f bomb frequently in a speech complaining about how mean the servers players are and you can only combat mean with mean. Which I found extremely immature and disrespectful, no server should have somebody purposefully act unfair and mean towards the players.

Thank you Amberie for taking the time to write out this review. Yes, indeed we are currently going through the balancing process as we are still in Beta stage, but I'm afraid the "asshole" comment was taken out of context. If you actually read the announcement carefully there was no reference to any asshole behavior by the police that was officially endorsed by the administration, meaning we do not hire people to be mean to anyone. Rather, the message was simply an announcement regarding the institution of a police unit specifically -for- excessively discourteous users. Kindly take time to comprehend the announcements carefully before jumping to hasty conclusions. Nevertheless, we appreciate your review as every evaluation is considered in the development of the server. Thank you.

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