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Good day to you all.

I would like to let you guys know that there is a new WoE schedule to encourage the competition in WoE. You may check the schedule via the NPC in-game.

The glorious items and battlefield items will be removed some time today, May 13, 2010. These items (obtained via Party Quest) will be replaced by other equipments instead.


I would like to ask the following people to meet me some time this evening regarding the drop rates of the server.

Kurama, Yggdrasil, Iamninoy, and whoever else was with them when they killed Beelzebub.

Philia, Paige, and whoever else was with them when they killed Valkyrie Randgris.

Oreo, just in case he owned some MvP alone. x_x


Satan Morroc will be set to drop his equips at the normal rate (x1) which is 50%. The equipment that was dropped at 100% chance before will not be recalled.

Beelzebub will drop his equipments at the normal rate (x1) which is 20%.

Valkyrie Randgris will drop his items at 3% from the normal rate (x1) of 30%. This is because valkyrie sets are the Peak Items sought out by players.

The custom drop rates are being attended to. Players who have obtained sets or items illegally are required to contact a GM regarding their items. ( See above players ) If you do not bother to contact a GM or avoid the presence of a GM, the item will simply disappear from your account.


Also, you guys must have noticed that there is an Yggdrasil Berry Shortage. Which means that berries drop at a lower rate than before. There are many players who have lots of Yggdrasils. So for now, it's either you share your Yggs, or let your team mates die. affraid

Think there's too little Yggdrasils in the server? There are 3027 Yggdrasil Berries as of this post. /gg


I will be nerfing Sorcerers. You guys might not have noticed it or are just turning your eyes away, but one of the Sorcerers wiped out a whole guild all by himself last WoE. More on this will be posted in the proper forum in its own separate thread.

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