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Nerf gx's cloaking exceed. And Boost gx's rolling cutter + cross ripper slasher

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Rena Member
Rena Member
I think that the gx's cloaking exceed should be nerfed because they can only be revealed after 3 hits.
My recommendation is putting a cooldown on the skill
I want opinions on the CD (cooldown) how much time you guyz would want the cloaking exceed to have.

Another one about gx's that I've noticed is that when you reach the 10th buff of rolling cutter, the buff gets removed when you move which is not good because you need that 10th buff to be able to use cross ripper slasher to its full potential
My recommendation is to allow gx's to have the buff while moving or it's just a waste of sp.

(this was not on the title) but u can stack 2 cross impacts for some reason... that needs to b nerfed.

wth why is it 5:55 am... its 2:56 pm here. This server is pure Filipino?


there is a reason that exceed behave that way.

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