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» Thread Irrelevancy
Degree: *
• Posting entries that are irrelevant to the topic.
• Posting entries in the inappropriate section
• Committing the Ad Hominem fallacy or attacking the humanity of a person in a discussion or argument. (Remember, you are to argue on the TOPIC not on the TOPIC STARTER nor the PLAYERS INVOLVED IN THE DISCUSSION / ARGUMENT)

» Language Uniformity
Degree: Depends on Severity
• Everyone is required to use the ENGLISH language at any cost. This rule is nullified on International Forums or the forums intended for other languages.

» Begging
Degree: *
• Begging to be a GM.
• Begging to be released from a certain punishment.
• Unpleasant begging of items and/or zennies from players and staff.

» Spamming and Gibberish Attitude
Degree: *
• Promotion of gibberish attitude by means of reposting a topic, word by word.
• Posting a topic that has no sense at all.
• Double posting a topic and/or a post.
• Posting the same topic in different forum categories.
• Reposting a thread that was not in the archive / failure to comply with the "Search" function.
• Speaking foreign language in the forums intended for "English" language only.
• Typing in sTicKy cAps. (mAy i aSk a QueStiOn foOehzZ.)
• Typing in ALL CAPS that has an intent to shout. However, if emphasis/emphases will be given to certain point(s), usage of ALL CAPS is allowed.

» Cross Linking Threads
Degree: ***
• Linking another sites or pages which is not relevant to the server.
• Doing any type of advertisement that has a goal to promote another online game, a server or a product which is very irrelevant to the server.
• Linking to any auction or online store sites.

» Cross Trading
Degree: ***
• Buying / Selling items or zennies into a real monetary value.
• Trading server-related items and/or zennies into another server's or game's items and/or zennies.
• Buying / Selling / Trading characters or accounts from the server or from another game or server.

» Disruptive Behavior
Degree: (depends on the severity)
• Creating posts or topics that can create a fight between players.
• Creating posts or topics that has a false or misleading information.
• Creating offensive posts that has a goal to insult people.

» Obscenity and Vulgarity
Degree: ***
• Promoting sensual, sexual, vulgar and/or violent texts, images, flashes and/or videos.

» Harassment and Flaming
Degree: ***
• Insulting people, guilds, parties, staff, and/or the game itself, may it be direct or indirect.
• Undesirable sexual harassment toward any people.

» Impersonation
Degree: ***
• Impersonating any player of the server by mimicking their names.
• Impersonating the administration and support staff of the server by means of adding the words "Admin," "GM," "Police," or "Helper" into the forum username.

» Discussion of Disciplinary Actions
Degree: ***
• Discussing disciplinary actions set for a specific player with another player or a staff.

» Punishment Evasion
Degree: ****
• Creating or using another forum username when a specific player is under a disciplinary probation.

» Plagiarism
Degree: ****
• Posting articles or topics without citing the source.
• Declaring ownership over a material or article which is owned, written or copyrighted by another person.

» Racism / Sexism / Religious Discrimination
Degree: *****
• Promoting racial, ethnic, sexist or religious slur or discrimination by means of text, images, flashes, and/or videos.
• Insulting other races, gender, religion or countries.

» Defamation of Identity
Degree: *****
• Distributing personal information (in the form of text, picture, flash and/or video) about a specific player, may it be true or false, without the approval of the specific player.
• Circulating malicious information (in the form of text, picture, flash and/or video) about a specific player, may it be true or false.

The rules might be changed any time without prior notice. It's your obligation to scan this at least once a day to educate yourself to the rules of RenascentiaRO. By reading and agreeing to these terms, you adhere to any kind of punishment that a Staff Member might give.

Forum Rules Choccysiggy

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