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Complete Server Information

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Complete Server Information Renaro
Renascentia Ragnarok Online

Basic Information
Rates: 200 / 200 / 100
Max Level: 150 (3rd Job)
Max Job Level: 85 (3rd Job)
Max Stats: 120
Max ASPD: 191
Instacast: 150
Control Panel:
PK Server

Drop Rate Information

Loots: x100
Healing Items: x100
Usable Items: x100
Normal Monster Card: 0.40%
Equipment: x60
MVP Card: 0.20%
Treasure Box Drop (Custom Items): 0.10%
Monster Drop Gear (Custom Items): 0.20%
Custom MVP Cards: 0.01%


@go event = Warps to Event Place
@go produce = Warps to Genetic/Mechanic Shop, Third Class Shop, Refiner, Card Remover
@go mall = Warps to Vending Area / Mall
@go quest = Warps to Quest House
- Third Jobs Enabled
- 38 Non-Repeating Hairstyles
- 553 Non-Repeating Palettes
- 251 Non-Repeating Hair Colors
- Over 200+ Custom Items
- Customs items are categorized as (A) Quest (B) Monster Drop (C) MVP Drop (D) Guild Treasure Box Drop (E) Ultimate Event Quest (F) God MVP Drop
- Hourly Automated Events
- Active, Friendly, Experienced, Professional and Supportive Staff
- Active, Friendly, and Supportive Community
- Events held in forums and in-game
- Improvised Leveling System
- Custom Main Town
- Custom Monsters
- Party Level Range is 30 instead of 10.

Complete Server Information Choccysiggy

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