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Paradox' Official Helper Application

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1 Paradox' Official Helper Application on Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:51 pm


In-Game Name: Paradox

Have you played: [ ] DkasRO? [ ] EddaRO?
(If yes, put an "x" inside the bracket.)

Have you had any experience(s) relating with moderating? If yes, please do state it.
- Yes, I actually had an experience relating with moderating. In my first experience in customizing the server where Sena and I had been GM's, I experimented on many things that I imagined will make the game-play of Ragnarok online more enticing. There are also times when Sena and I would exchange opinions and ideas concerning the game-play which improved both of our knowledge in keeping it balanced and player-friendly. I handled some police tasks like disciplining the players correctly and giving fair judgment and decision to those who break the rules.

What can you offer to the server, the staff team, the players?
- For the server, I can impart my knowledge of Eathena of editing database and knowing a little scripting. I had been editing my own offline server in the past years, starting with Vidar and Weiss. I can also offer ideas and gameplay features that will improve the gameplay of the server. For the staff, I will offer to them whatever I can in order to help them keep the server in a good shape, as well as filling in their jobs whenever they're not available. For the players, I will do whatever I can in order to help them cope up with the server. I will give them all the information they needed and help them feel at home in this server.

What differentiates or makes you unique compared to the other applicants?
- I can say that I'm unique in a way that I don't think ill of other players and always try to settle things in a formal and logical way. I am very friendly and sociable with other players. I don't take advantage of any power given to me.

Why do you think you should be accepted as an Official Helper of the server?
- I think that I should be accepted as an Official helper because I have the ability to do it. I may not the best when it comes some things, but at least I try to do them in any way I can. I think that I should also be the helper because I know I can be a good role model for the rest of the players. I know myself I didn't do anything bad to defame my personality nor other people as a player.

2 Re: Paradox' Official Helper Application on Mon Apr 26, 2010 5:28 pm


Hello Paradox, I would like to ask you some questions in a form of a situation.
In the situations I will illustrate, you are to act as an official helper of the server.

(A): There are no online staff in the server. There is this one player who has a big issue that he keeps on being error'ed in the game. You would like to help him BUT you are in a hurry to your class. The player said that if he can't be supported on his problem, he'll leave the server. How would you manage your time and support to that player?

(B): You are on your duty patrolling the players. You saw players in the main town flaming at each other. One is saying that he allied with a specific GM and the other one said he is allied with YOU. However, you are the only online staff available to stop the flame war. How would you act to this matter?

Please make your answers "straight-to-the-point," brief and of course, answers the given question.

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3 Re: Paradox' Official Helper Application on Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:53 pm


Good day Paradox.

Knowledge about scripting and coding will be a great help for the server.

I'd like to see a sample of your scripting if that would be fine. Scripting is a fine job, but sometimes it gets really tiresome. As long as it gets the job done, we can worry about the efficiency later.

Please show us a script derived from the in game features. More scripts you write would be better. Make it dynamic, so it would be easy to change. Choose any of the following:

Poring Event -- you may take the one from eAthena, although I require you to customize it and make it have at least 5 ranks (Novice, Adept, Master, etc) with your ranks increasing slowly per win. Make the prizes differ per ranks.

Refiner -- make a script that will refine a selected item to the safest limit and ask if the refine will continue with each refine. (meaning it doesn't close, it just has the option to continue or to cancel) Do make sure that it checks if you have the proper items etc.

mob summon depending on the parameters -- You may categorize it by the tens, or whichever way you like. Make it creative, make use of the different statuses of the character e.g. different mobs depending level, depending on job, depending on amount of VIT. etc. Make it creative.

Basically CHOOSE and then:
Make it work.
Make it dynamic.
Make it creative.
Make it efficient.

post below in code tags.

4 Re: Paradox' Official Helper Application on Tue May 04, 2010 1:41 pm


Accepted; Helper-In-Training


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