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Official 3rd Job related "NERF"/"BOOST" thread

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es7jryfu4 wrote:please remember i am against almost any changes Smile
my stand is always find a way out of it as there is always pros and cons of every class and everyone need to play a part.

Agreed. You don't see us whining about everything. Just because you don't see the weakness in everything, you'll add more.

In any case that you found these weaknesses, what will happen to the nerfed classes? Consider these facts.


Good day. Seems like we're having a discussion here.

Before I start explaining my reasons please do know that we are at the beta test stage and that's where all the nerfing and boosting comes in. The staff is trying its best to create a fair game play, and we're only humans. We make mistakes too. That's why we also ask you players to help out in balancing the game. Please be patient with us with all the laggy reload scripts and the constant nerfing/boosting.

Regarding the sorcerer class:

I played around with skill cooldowns. I increased Fire walk and Electric walk's cooldown because its duration is 12 seconds, and it's cool down is 1 second. I believe that there is no point in being able to multicast firewalk / electricwalk if it's already working. Though if you guys think that the duration of the skill is not as long as the cooldown, we may check and revise the skill.

I also added cooldown for Psychic Wave, Earth Grave, and Diamond Dust. These skills deal good damage, so there were no damage modification.

The reason for adding so much cool downs to the spells of the sorcerers is to make you guys make your own strategy for releasing your own combination of spells. With the surplus of new skills, I want the sorcerer class to be creative and use them while their favorite skills are on cooldown. We can't just have people casting Diamond Dust all through out woe to keep everyone not moving, no skills, no items, abusing the fact that there is no cooldown ( not saying that this happens, just an example ).

So in a way, i think that there is no loss if you see this analogy:

If your three AoE spells Psychic Wave, Earth Grave, and Diamond Dust all have cooldowns of 5 seconds, then casting them at a pace, let's say every 1.8 seconds will somewhat create an effect that your throwing spells isn't interrupted. And this is only three spells of the wide array of choices that Sorc's have.

The cooldowns are a bit extreme right now, so we're still kinda balancing it. Most of the 3rd job skill cooldowns are at 2 to 5 seconds. I don't like 5 second cooldowns though, so most probably the AoE circle skills will have 2-3 cooldowns and firewalk and electric walk will have their duration's cooldown.

If you have any comments, better alternative please post. I do want the server balanced.

PS. It was late at night, I was kinda groggy editing them jobs.

The day after

I opened up sorcerer and I checked their spells. The firewalk and the electricwalk had too much cooldown so I reduced it from 12 seconds to 5 seconds so that once your firewalk stops, you can cast it again.

I made Cloud Kill, Psychic Wave, Diamond Dust, and Earth Grave to a constant 2.6 seconds cooldown from before a range of 2 to 5 seconds.

If you try spamming Diamond Dust 'only' You get a somewhat long delay. If you mix the skills up, it's quite fine.


It would be better to just lessen their damage rather than increasing their cool down time. (Sorcs)

29Official 3rd Job related "NERF"/"BOOST" thread - Page 2 Empty Nerfing, Boosting on Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:58 am


ms = milliseconds
s = second
1000ms = 1s

Some other nerfs made last night:
Mage, Sage, Professor, Sorcerer
Dispel increased cooldown to 1900ms.
Firewalk, Electric Walk cooldown decreased to 5s. (Duration of creation of fire/electric 6s. Duration of the walks, 12s.)
Earth Grave, Psychic Wave, Diamond Dust, Cloud Kill cooldown decreased to 2600ms.
Striking reduced cooldown to 1s.
Varetyr Spear increased SP cost from 1SP to 5:10:15:20:25SP depending on skill level.

Archer, Bard and Dancer, Clown and Prostitute, Minstrel and Wanderer
Tarot cooldown increased to 1800ms.
Arrow Vulcan cooldown increased to 400ms. (minor only)

Merchant, Alchemist, Creator, Genetic
Acid Demonstration cooldown increased to 2400ms.
Thorn Trap now cannot be casted under a player.
Thorn trap cannot be stacked. (Yes, the damage used to stack)
Crazy Weed cooldown increased to 1300ms.

Thief, Assassin, Assassin Cross, Guillotine Cross
Cross Impact cooldown decreased by 300ms. (1700ms now)
Poisoning Weapon buff for caster duration decreased to 60s.
Poisoning Weapon debuff for target duration decreased to 15s.

Acolyte, Priest, High Priest, Arch Bishop
Coluceo Heal cooldown reduced to 700ms.
Highness Heal cooldown reduced to 2s.
Clearance cooldown increased to 3s.

Archer, Hunter, Sniper, Ranger
Warg Bite cooldown reduced from 5s to 1s.
Rewritten code for Warg Bite, new computation to increase damage.

Merchant, Blacksmith, Whitesmith, Mechanic
Removed script of Pile Bunker weapon that reduces ASPD.
Boost Knuckle cooldown reduced to 800ms.
Pile Bunker cooldown reduced to 800ms.
Vulcan Arm cooldown reduced to 100ms.
Flame Launcher cooldown reduced to 2s,3s,3.5s depending on skill level.
Cold Slower cooldown reduced to 1s.
Repair cooldown reduced to 1200ms.
Axe Boomerang cooldown increased to 2s.
Power Swing cooldown decreased to 300ms (from 500ms)

Thief, Rogue, Stalker, Shadowchaser
Manhole now requires Can of Paint.

Swordsman, Crusader, Paladin, Royal Guard
Pinpoint Attack cooldown increased to 2200ms.


Paradox wrote:It would be better to just lessen their damage rather than increasing their cool down time. (Sorcs)

I know their damage is kinda off, but I'm kind of hesitant to play around with the formulas in C. Not that I don't know what I'm doing. Well, partly, but I just don't want the server crashing every few hours or so.

We'll see. I'll post the formulas of Sorc and Warlock some time, and we can deliberate.

EDIT: And just because the damage will be decreased, that doesn't mean that cooldown will not be implemented. I hope everyone reads my previous post and understands what point I was trying to drive at. This goes for all classes.


I do not like the way this thread is riddled with unproved claims, sarcastic jabs and hasty assumptions. Instead of helping it develop, you are impeding it.

So from now on I want all players to substantiate their claims. If you are going to make analogies (comparisons) make SURE that they are correct. That means you have to be precise: killing an MvP is not the same as killing a player. There are situational variables to be considered such as Ygg quantities and availability of Healer NPCs. Stories of two-hit kills will need screenshots or witnesses.

If your claim doesn't seem solid enough, the GM Team will inform you, then you may schedule an appointment with a GM to prove it/experiment. If you need Yggs (or anything else), we will give you as many of that as you need during the demonstration. If you're busy, you may leave the experiment to us (the GM team, or another player), but you therefore waive your right to contest the outcome once it's finalized (or pass it on to the other player).

Balancing is being taken seriously in the server, so if you want to contribute, I hope you're not all talk and no walk.

([X] Approved by Njord)

32Official 3rd Job related "NERF"/"BOOST" thread - Page 2 Empty Sorcerer on Fri May 14, 2010 9:35 pm


As we have seen in the past few WoE's, it is very evident that the Sorcerers are strong. Strong isn't even enough to fully grasp the power they have right now. I've seen a Sorcerer (Doofenshmirtz) take out a whole guild. The only thing that kept the other guild alive was a petty 3x3 AoE haven of semi-immunity (Stealth Shield). Once they move out of the 3x3, however, they soon die one by one.

A few things I noticed:

Warlocks' Major AoE spells have cooldowns of 5 minutes.
Mechanics' Stealth Shield, Neutral Barrier, and Magnetic Field (AoE spells) have cooldowns ranging from 2 to 5 minutes.
Sorcerer's AoE DPS spells have cooldown of 2.6 seconds.

The difference between a Mechanic's Cold Slower and a Sorcerer's array of spells is that a Mechanic have cast time of 1 second for Cold Slower and an 1 second cooldown. Spamming this means it could only do its damage (which is 1 whole blast) every 1 second. And since this is whole blast every second, you can easily use an Yggdrasil to heal up (compare it to healing up to partial damage).

Sorcerers on the other hand have 3 or 4 spells (Diamond Dust, Cloud Kill, Earth Grave, and Psychic Wave) all which have 2.6 cooldown which can all be dealt consecutively to have the effect of no delay or cooldown. I also have to add that Cloud Kill needs only to be placed once to deal damage over 16 seconds; and that Diamond Dust has a CRYSTALIZE effect that does not allow usage of items, skills, and does not allow movement. Seems like an ultimate disable to me.

If we will still keep the effect of Diamond Dust ( 5 to 10 seconds of Crystalize ), I will increase the cooldown of the spell. Probably to every 5 minutes, similar to Comet's cooldown.

If we decide not to keep the effect of Diamond Dust, I think I will keep it at 12 seconds cool down for all the four spells (casting them consecutively will reach an effect of 3 seconds cool down per spell).

I think it is quite obvious why Sorcerers will be nerfed. For any concerns regarding the nerf, post in this thread.


These nerfs have not yet been implemented. Awaiting further response from other staff memebers.


Another thing we could possibly do to balance things out is to make Diamond Dust require certain items when being cast, the same way that the Mechanics skills currently are. This way, with the item requirements, we can lower the cooldown time from a torturous 5 minutes to something more reasonable.

These items could possibly be attainable via monster hunting, questing, or a combination of both.


Sounds good to me. But 5 to 10 seconds disable sounds over powered to me. In 5 seconds, many things could have happened. Spells, skills, Asura's, etc. Maybe 2 to 4 seconds?

The idea of a monster drop / quest requirement for Diamond Dust sounds good to me.


orobou wrote:wowowow please dont delete or change to much, that is a pain
i mean first SS delay then Cluster bomb unstackable
cluster bomb not trap under players i mean thats boring how will you kill someone when ygg is allowed, then also switch off use of ygg-.-

The ranger class will be tested by the staff to see if it is under-powered.

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