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[Read First!] Reporting Guidelines

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Good Day.

Hello Smile

This forum is intended only for reporting "Players." This includes players who broke the rules.

Only player offenses shall be provided with responsive support. Anything related to bugs, errors, server offline and such shall be reported in their respective forums.

In order for us to support you accurately, we need you to give the following information to avail a speedy reply you need.

Player to be reported:
Rule Broken: (See #Rule Broken# Below)
Description of the Rule Broken: (See #Rule Broken# Below)
Additional Comments: (If any)

#Rule Broken#
For "Rule Broken"
Use only the General Term.
1. Kill Stealing.
* Information 1
* Information 2
DO NOT use the specific rule(s) broke. Use the Kill Stealing instead of Information 1.

For "Description of the Rule Broken
Use the specific term.
Example same as above.
DO NOT use the general rule(s) broke. Use the Information 1 instead of Kill Stealing.
*If your report is not under any of the categories, fill free to fill-in your own.

Thank You and Good Day!

[Read First!] Reporting Guidelines Choccysiggy

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