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[Read First!] Guild Application Guidelines

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Hello Everyone.

In order to apply for a guild application and promote it, you must follow this simple steps:

1. Provide a 24x24 Guild Emblem, in any image format.

2. Provide a guild screenshot with at least 5 members on it.

3. Provide your guild information.

4. Provide requirements needed in order to join to your guild.

5. Why do you want to have your own guild forum?
Basic Notes:

* Please post these five basic things as a reply to this thread.
* Incomplete requirements will automatically be denied.
* If a guild remains in-contact and active for a month, the guild shall receive a "Guild Gift Back" exclusively to be given to the Guild Master for being a good leader to the guild.
* Rules still apply in your own guild forums. Failure to comply with the rules will mean the proper and appropriate sanction of every guild member / leader included in the rule violated.

That is All. Thank You and Good Day.

[Read First!] Guild Application Guidelines Choccysiggy

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